The Booker

Produced, Directed, and Edited by Timothy Patrick

The Booker is an award-winning documentary about Jeff Cahill and his life booking bands on the Sunset Strip. He created an atmosphere where artists and musicians felt empowered and he re-established On The Rox as a destination for live music and Hollywood class.


Master Casters

Directed, Produced, & Edited by Timothy Patrick

Master Casters

A documentary about the resin bootleg toy scene. Featuring designer toy artists The Sucklord, David Healey, Peter Goral, Gary Buder, and more.


Written, Produced, Directed, & Animated by Timothy Patrick

Hinges is an animated short film about an odd man with an odd hobby. I raised $10,000 on kickstarter to fund this film. Original musical score by Ryan Stuber. Featuring Vincent Frederick, Jackie Gold, and James Grabowski. Currently in post-production.